Dr. Connor Coley receives AI2050 Early Career Fellowship from Schmidt Futures

Author: C-CAS

Coley Headshot

Congratulations to Connor Coley who was named an AI2050 Early Career Fellow! 

AI2050 is a program at Schmidt Futures that advances Eric and Wendy Schmidt’s $125 Million commitment over the next 5 years to support exceptional people working on key opportunities and solutions to hard problems that are critical to ensure society benefits from AI. Through the Early Career Fellowship, AI2050 is betting on bold, ambitious, multi-disciplinary AI research from a cohort of exceptional scholars who are all grappling with the program’s motivating question in their respective disciplines: “It’s 2050. AI has turned out to be hugely beneficial to society. What happened? What are the most important problems we solved and the opportunities and possibilities we realized to ensure this outcome?” The Early Career Fellows will join the community of AI2050 experts including the 5 Senior Fellows who were named in February 2022.

The full announcement may be accessed here:  https://www.schmidtfutures.com/schmidt-futures-announces-first-cohort-of-ai2050-early-career-fellows/