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The Center's expertise in applying a range of computational and machine learning methods to synthesis offers unique opportunities for the participation of chemists with disabilities. We have partnered with the American Chemical Society's Committee for Chemists with Disabilities (ACS-CWD) to offer undergraduate research opportunities for students with disabilities.


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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

For applications and information on the 2022 Summer Research Fellowship program, please contact owiest@nd.edu

The C-CAS is pleased to offer summer undergraduate research fellowships for students with disabilities at any of the five partner universities, including Berkeley, Colorado State, Notre Dame, UCLA and Utah. The program is open to any undergraduate students with disabilities (mobility, sensory, learning, psychological, medical, or other), whose research interests are aligned with the topics covered by the C-CAS (organic mechanism and synthesis, computational chemistry and computer science).

The fellowship provides a stipend and housing to support a 10-week program performing state-of-the-art research during the summer in any of the PI research groups and the opportunity to present your work at an American Chemical Society Meeting. 

Applications will require a personal statement describing your research interests, a copy of your transcript, and three letters of recommendation 

Resources for Chemists with Disabilities